Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moderation on Parade

Great photo montage via The Jawa Report of moderate Muslims taking to the streets in support of free speech and tolerance. Check it out!

In the interest of fairness, here are some actual Muslim moderates. This is a group that really deserves all the support we can give them. Unfortunately, considering the wretched state of affairs that the rest of the Islamic world currently finds itself in, I doubt that the group will have much of an impact unless they get much bigger and louder. Nonetheless, I'm happy to see this group putting themselves out there at all.

UPDATE: More moderate muslims in London, via Michelle Malkin.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And so it begins (or ends, depending on how you look at it)...

The inevitable chilling effect on free speech wrought by the savage Muslim rioting has already claimed it's first victim outside of the 'cartoon scandal'.

Czech artist David Cerny has made a sculpure of a captive Saddam Hussein submerged in a tank of water. Why, you ask? According to Cerny, it is intended as a "Criticism of American foregin policy".

This work was originally supposed to be installed at a museum in the Belgian costal town of Middelkerke, but was promptly banned by the mayor before it even arrived. Fearing "that certain population groups would find the work too provocative" the mayor told the Belgian newspaper De Standard: "You never know what could happen when you display such explosive stuff".

Well, actually, we pretty much do know what happens when you display something that could possibly offend the delicate sensabilites of the Muslim population. They go nuts and riot, blow up embassies, recall their diplomats, demand apologies, and generally make international specticles of themselves.

So better to ban a piece of artwork and stifle the free speech rights of a western artist than risk more violence on the part of insane fascists that want to kill us all anyway. The ultimate irony of course is that this particular artist was directing his criticism towards the USA and the occupation and not Saddam or Islam at all.

Man, that slope sure is slippery...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nuke Mecca!

Ok, not really. But that's sort of the point... I can write that, and while it may be offensive to some, I have a reasonable confidence that I won't find myself dragged in front of the local Imam and condemned to death by stoning.

It seems that the Muslims are rioting and blowing things up again. And what brutal injustice has the cowboy American neocon warmonger government wrought upon them this time to force such desperate action? Well, actually nothing at all. Actually, this time around, some Scandinavian (HA!) newspapers have had the utter gall to print--gasp!--political cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed. Imagine that! And to top it all off, they didn't even issue an immediate apology! Obviously this is completely unacceptable. Embassies are torched, flags are burned, citizens are ordered to flee, and angry rioters demand the blood (either figurative or literal) of those responsible. All for nothing more than a liberal western newspaper exercising it's liberal western right of press freedom in a liberal western democracy.

A few months ago, I wrote about the basic incompatibility between Islam as it is currently practiced, and the modern world. The recent riots over the Danish cartoons of Mohammed put a heavy underscore on this point. Can anyone honestly argue anymore that we 'create terrorists' through 'insensitive' foreign policy, the occupation of Iraq, Gitmo, or anything else on the liberal laundry list of supposed things that we are doing to inflame the delicate sensitivities of otherwise peaceful people? Of course not... but then again I've been saying that for quite some time now. What other offense against Islam has Denmark committed to push these peace-loving Muslims to the brink like this? Surely this must be the final straw in a long list of insensitivities committed by the Danes. None you can think of? Me neither.

No, the Iraq war is not to blame for terrorism, nor is 'Palestine', nor is anything else on the aforementioned list of the 'root causes' favored by liberal intelligentsia. No, the actual list is quite short. You see, not everyone is a Muslim, not everyone wants to be, and even fewer people want to live according to Muslim law. And there it is. The root cause of all terrorism in one sentence. Every terrorist act committed by Muslims in the last fifty years can be boiled down to that one sentence. Sure you have to strip away all of the political BS that has steadily accumulated over the last few decades to see it, but there it is. The fact that we've actually begun to fight back over the last five years has maybe caused more of these feelings to boil over, but mind you that does not in any way mean that we've created more terrorists, any more than the landing at Normandy created more Nazis. Make no mistake, until Islam sees a renaissance in it's very attitude towards the non-Muslim world, this is what we can expect.

The only thing more astonishing than the failure of Islam to evolve over the last thousand years or so has been the incomprehensible western compulsion to either ignore it or put an alternative spin on it somehow. But these riots are very difficult to spin. Said the Dutch foreign minister:

"Now it has become more than a case about the drawings: Now there are forces that wants a confrontation between our cultures..."
What a revelation! Isn't that what George W. Bush and the rest of us neocon warmongers have been saying since 9/11? Well, better late than never I suppose, though I'm not holding my breath for the Dutch or Danish army to arrive in Baghdad anytime soon. Yes, the point that the foreign minister has finally grasped is a simple but often ignored one, especially in European capitals; these people are seeking a clash of civilizations because they believe that it is their solemn religious duty to do so, and will seize upon any excuse to bring this about... be it feigned outrage over the Israel/Palestine situation, the Iraq war, or stupid political cartoons. There is nothing that we can do (or stop doing) to prevent this. They do, in fact, hate our freedom. Witness this editorial in the Syrian state-run daily Al-Thawra:

"It is unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms to allow a person or a group to insult the beliefs of millions of Muslims"

Wow... think about that statement for a minute, because it is a very telling window into the psyche of these people. 'Unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms'. So what this means is that the personal 'honor' of Muslims is to be held in higher regard than any other civil right or freedom, regardless of country or religion. We are all to bow down in deference to Islam, otherwise suffer the concequences.

It is fallacy of the highest order to continue to believe that if we simply ended support for Israel, pulled troops out of the middle east and apologized for whatever offenses we may or may not have committed, we will suddenly make these people stop wanting to kill us. We're not Muslims, and they just can't abide that. Period.

And, once again, where are the moderate Muslims to condemn the disgusting behavior being displayed by so many of their brothers? Well, thankfully, here's one. But once again, the so-called 'moderate' community is by and large silent, if not tacitly encouraging with regard to these outrageous riots. Of course it's impolite to publish potentially insulting pictures. But freedom is sometimes impolite. Sometimes it's downright messy and it can frequently turn ugly. But that is what we all deal with, every single day. Whether it's a neo-Nazi demonstration, a crucifix in a jar of urine, or Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, liberal freedom of expression is something sacred to our culture. We cannot compromise our values for the sake of keeping crazy fundamentalists temporarily appeased anymore.

Hopefully these riots will serve as a wake up call to the politically correct liberal drones which inhabit the western world. No longer can we afford to allow the politics of asymmetry to dictate our relationship with radical Islam, where the Saudi government can confiscate and burn the Bibles of anyone entering their country without so much as a peep from the west, but we cannot criticize Islam in our own press without apologies being demanded and diplomats being recalled.

Time for the Muslim world to grow up. Let them blow themselves up. Let them throw their tantrums. And like a spoiled 3 year old, they'll learn their lesson if we remain firm and never compromise what we know is right. Otherwise, we will only bring more grief upon ourselves in the long run, to the detriment of both our society and theirs.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Read this Article...

Great article in National Review by Victor Davis Hanson.

Please check it out here if you have a bit of time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why the Islamic world hasn't achieved much of anything in the last thousand years, Part 11,234,351...

Islamic Scholars: Nudity Invalidates Marriage

So, while the rest of the world works on developing faster computers, missions to Mars, cleaner energy, safer automobiles, and various other things to help make the planet a better place to live, Islamic scholars are hard at work debating whether or not being naked during sex invalidates a marriage. Seems like that is definitely what they need to be focused on right now. Well, that, and thinking up new ways to blame Israel for everything.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IED found in Bay Area Starbucks...

The SF Gate is reporting that a deadly pipe bomb has just been diffused by police in a bay area Starbucks coffee shop.

Via Michelle Malkin.

I'm making a bet with myself that outside of the conservative blogosphere, this story goes absolutely nowhere. There are no apparent links to al Qaeda (far too small-scale), and this device was more than likely planted by a leftist/anarchist group looking to somehow take down the government (by killing lots of innocent civilians--sound familiar?).

So of course the mainstream media will pay no attention whatsoever, as they would not want to paint a leftist group in a poor light. In fact, it is now nearly five hours since Michelle Malkin reported this incident, and the only major news outlet that I can find giving it any coverage at all is CNN International, with a small article.

The silence on this matter speaks volumes about the media bias in this country. Can you imagine the coverage if a similar device was found at an abortion clinic? I guarantee that Katie Couric would be broadcasting live from there tomorrow morning. Likewise, had the bomb been planted by an Islamic terrorist cell, we'd also have wall-to-wall coverage... the headlines would read "Islamic terror cell plants bomb in starbucks... Bush anti-terror strategy called into question". Then Nancy Pelosi would give a speech about how dangerous our course of action has been, and how we need a 'new vision' or something like that.

But because there is no angle to make conservatives/republicans/George W. Bush look bad, the general public will not hear a peep on the subject. There will be no investigative reports into the leftist pro-terror groups that infest our college campuses. There will be no expose on radical environmentalists or the hardcore communists that run the anti-corporate and anti-war movements. And when the granola-eating hippies that planted the bomb are found, you won't hear a single word about that either. Left-leaning criminals are almost always given a free pass by our media. From Tookie to Mumia to the terrorists at the ELF and ALF, the mainstream media simply has no interest in exposing their intellectual fellow travelers to the harsh light of public scrutiny.

To me, and to most Americans, I think, a pipe bomb planted in a suburban Starbucks is a pretty big deal. It's certainly newsworthy. I'd like to know who did it. I'd like to hear more about their motivation and what kind of groups they belong to. I'd also like to see them brought to justice for their crimes. It's too bad that the media in this country is so far detached from mainstream thought that it can no longer bring itself to tell anything resembling the truth if it happens to compromise their own self-righteous political correctness.

For a liberal take on this article, and my response, please check out The Silicon Gadfly.

UPDATE: It appears the device was not a live bomb, but either a dummy device planted on purpose or a flashlight casing left there accidentaly. The news blackout on this continues.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Will somebody please shoot Hugo Chavez? And Fidel Castro?

(And if they happen to hit Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover while they're at it, all the better.)

I've just about had it with rich, spoiled American celebrities kissing the asses of tyrannical Marxist dictators in Latin America. I could go on to list the many historical evils of communism, and how it is enjoying something of a renaissance in Latin America thanks to Fidel Castro and his well-moneyed lover, Hugo Chavez. But honestly, how many people have to be slaughtered; how many dissidents must be jailed; how many innocent citizens must be disappeared and worse in the name of 'revolution' before these useful idiots wake up and realize what they're supporting?

Or is it that they do know exactly what they're supporting? Either way it's disgraceful. And quite frankly, the spread of communism must be stopped... again. We spent 50 years ridding the world of the Soviet evil empire; now we need to stamp it out in our backyard once and for all. And when American citizens (and our most privileged at that) travel to these dictatorships to denounce our country on enemy soil and praise the communist 'revolution', then they must be dealt with in the most grave manner available. Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and the rest of their group should be promptly tried and shot for treason. And the UN should apologize for the anti-American sermonizing that they have allowed to occur during this 'goodwill mission' to Venezuela.

It's time to get tough with these people. If they wish to avoid a firing squad, why not just take up permanant residence in the revolutionary utopia they so adore?