Saturday, August 06, 2005

Don't Shoot! I Have Rights!

Jonah Goldberg wrote an excellent article in National Review yesterday about how, when one of the London bombers was captured, he proclaimed to the approaching police that he 'had rights'.

Ahh, the irony.

As I've said many times before, the terrorists are not impressed with our cultural sensitivity or our apparent willingness to act out of reason. They see these things as weaknesses to be exploited at every opportunity. I also find it extremely telling that all of the London bombers thus far have been second-generation, middle class Brits, who have likely not had to endure either poverty or oppressive racism in their generation living in liberal London.

Isn't poverty and racism what the liberals keep telling us are the 'root causes' of terrorism? That argument does not seem to be holding up very well. Or has it changed to 'anger' about the Iraq war now? Well, lots of people are 'angry' about the war in Iraq. Or is it 'Palestine'? Why, then, has Dennis Kucinich not strapped a bomb to his chest yet? He seems pretty angry about the war. Or the millions who have turned out in all their decadent glory to protest over the last few years? If 'anger' over the war were truly the key to what turns a middle class western kid into a human bomb, then theoretically, we should be seeing college students go boom at least three times a week (which may not be altogether bad -- I'm kidding).

No, these young men were touched with something a bit more pathological than just 'anger' about some foreign policy. Call it 'Islamic Chic', as they were not, in the strict sense of the word, adherents to pure Sharia (which is the purported goal of Bin Laden). They listened to rap music, wore western clothes, and did not have beards. They dated girls, and they were ostentably doing all of this not as a cover for their true identities, but because that is just what they did. And yet somehow, they thought that it would be truly a good idea to blow themselves and other people up on a crowded London subway; to 'sow terror' as one of the suspects bleated to the free attorney provided to him by the infidel western justice system. They are western by all externally identifiable means, but maintain a deep resentment towards the very nations that provide them with the freedom to live outside of the strict Islamic culture if they so choose (likely the reason their parents moved in the first place). The radical Imams that they listen to during Mosque services sow this sentiment and have become adept at exploiting it, to the point that they manage to get otherwise well off western men to become willing terrorists. They manage to convince that the ills of their homeland are the fault of the west, while simultaneously preaching that the western world must become more like their homeland. It is quite an act of semantic gymnastics, but often successful nonetheless.

The fact is, none of the London bombers would feel particularly comfortable in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan or even Saudi Arabia. They are, like spoiled children, lashing out at those that have offered opportunity and tolerance to them, for reasons of no more substance than 'because we're angry'. These were not people who thought very deeply about much of anything; they seem, in fact, to be idiots. Like the American kid who wears a Che Guevara T-shirt and can recite Marxist theory on request, then goes home to play Xbox for three hours, knowing little about the realities in communist Cuba; these men planned for the destruction of their adopted homes and fellow Brits, but when finally caught, instantly proclaimed their rights as British citizens and demanded legal council.

These are of course only the latest footsoldiers in the larger war against radical Islam. These men may not have really known what it's like to live under Sharia firsthand, but those that helped plan and fund their operations certainly do. The fact that they have such useful idiots among the western population should make us all the more vigilant in this conflict, and serve as a wake-up call to those who would allow such dangerous radicalism to continue on our very soil in the name of 'tolerance'.


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