Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IED found in Bay Area Starbucks...

The SF Gate is reporting that a deadly pipe bomb has just been diffused by police in a bay area Starbucks coffee shop.

Via Michelle Malkin.

I'm making a bet with myself that outside of the conservative blogosphere, this story goes absolutely nowhere. There are no apparent links to al Qaeda (far too small-scale), and this device was more than likely planted by a leftist/anarchist group looking to somehow take down the government (by killing lots of innocent civilians--sound familiar?).

So of course the mainstream media will pay no attention whatsoever, as they would not want to paint a leftist group in a poor light. In fact, it is now nearly five hours since Michelle Malkin reported this incident, and the only major news outlet that I can find giving it any coverage at all is CNN International, with a small article.

The silence on this matter speaks volumes about the media bias in this country. Can you imagine the coverage if a similar device was found at an abortion clinic? I guarantee that Katie Couric would be broadcasting live from there tomorrow morning. Likewise, had the bomb been planted by an Islamic terrorist cell, we'd also have wall-to-wall coverage... the headlines would read "Islamic terror cell plants bomb in starbucks... Bush anti-terror strategy called into question". Then Nancy Pelosi would give a speech about how dangerous our course of action has been, and how we need a 'new vision' or something like that.

But because there is no angle to make conservatives/republicans/George W. Bush look bad, the general public will not hear a peep on the subject. There will be no investigative reports into the leftist pro-terror groups that infest our college campuses. There will be no expose on radical environmentalists or the hardcore communists that run the anti-corporate and anti-war movements. And when the granola-eating hippies that planted the bomb are found, you won't hear a single word about that either. Left-leaning criminals are almost always given a free pass by our media. From Tookie to Mumia to the terrorists at the ELF and ALF, the mainstream media simply has no interest in exposing their intellectual fellow travelers to the harsh light of public scrutiny.

To me, and to most Americans, I think, a pipe bomb planted in a suburban Starbucks is a pretty big deal. It's certainly newsworthy. I'd like to know who did it. I'd like to hear more about their motivation and what kind of groups they belong to. I'd also like to see them brought to justice for their crimes. It's too bad that the media in this country is so far detached from mainstream thought that it can no longer bring itself to tell anything resembling the truth if it happens to compromise their own self-righteous political correctness.

For a liberal take on this article, and my response, please check out The Silicon Gadfly.

UPDATE: It appears the device was not a live bomb, but either a dummy device planted on purpose or a flashlight casing left there accidentaly. The news blackout on this continues.


Blogger Karol said...

I'm still waiting for the news to report on the suicide bomber at the college football game from back in the summer.

-Karol at alarmingnews.com

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