Friday, January 06, 2006

Just in case anyone is wondering who the real base of the Democratic party is...

Please see this.

Especially this.

These pictures have been seen around the internet, but they definitely warrant frequent reposting, as it cannot be stressed enough how dangerously radical the left in this country has become. And likewise, it also cannot be stressed enough how much influence these people carry in the mainstream of the democratic party. Be it through the tacit approval they get from left wing politicians in DC who refuse to criticize their vile message, or the mainstream media's absolute unwillingness to show them in anything but a positive light, or the way radical college professors are encouraged to indoctrinate their students into leftist ideology, these people are indeed the core of the modern democratic party.

I have a lot of personal experience with these people from my days as the NY leader of ProtestWarrior, and believe me, they are every bit as violent, intolerant, anti-semitic, unreasonable and downright frightening as these pictures make them out to be.

The argument has been made that they are a small minority; an ugly and vocal group that we focus on because of their outlandish messages and violent antics. And when I first got involved politically a couple of years ago, I basically believed that as well. After all, like most Americans, I had little experience with them firsthand. But, over time, I came to the realization that they are simply not the small, harmless minority in a vast sea of ideas that the media would have you believe. Quite simply, these people are everywhere, you just don't know about them because the media refuses to cover them.

Case in point; during the Republican Convention in NY, there was of course a massive anti-Bush protest that we attended. Some estimates put the crowd at nearly a million people overall. Our group broke up into 7 small teams and entered the march at 7 different places and times (about a half-hour apart). Logic would dictate that small groups of 8-10 people each in a crowd of a million would have a hard time finding the few troublemakers with hateful signs, if in fact they were such a minority. This, needless to say, was not the case. Each of our individual teams was violently assaulted and ejected from the crowd. Each of them did nothing more than show up in the march with their own signs, and without exception their signs were quickly destroyed by the crowd, and they were punched, kicked, tripped and removed by the 'peace' protestors. Without exception. And with the cheering approval of the rest of the crowd (see the ProtestWarrior site for the videos).

Alas, this is of course not an isolated incident by any means. There has literally never been a left-wing demonstration that I have seen or attended that has not included vile, hateful messages, and violence against those who would dare to utter an opinion contrary to what they believe. You don't have to take my word for it either. I would encourage everyone to attend a leftist rally if you can. Try talking to some of the people. Try disagreeing with them. See what happens. Money back guarantee that you will walk away from there with a whole new perspective on politics and the importance of ensuring that the left is never again allowed a degree of power in this country. Just remember, you may not like every republican out there, but these are the people you are helping by not being involved.


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