Monday, January 09, 2006

Will somebody please shoot Hugo Chavez? And Fidel Castro?

(And if they happen to hit Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover while they're at it, all the better.)

I've just about had it with rich, spoiled American celebrities kissing the asses of tyrannical Marxist dictators in Latin America. I could go on to list the many historical evils of communism, and how it is enjoying something of a renaissance in Latin America thanks to Fidel Castro and his well-moneyed lover, Hugo Chavez. But honestly, how many people have to be slaughtered; how many dissidents must be jailed; how many innocent citizens must be disappeared and worse in the name of 'revolution' before these useful idiots wake up and realize what they're supporting?

Or is it that they do know exactly what they're supporting? Either way it's disgraceful. And quite frankly, the spread of communism must be stopped... again. We spent 50 years ridding the world of the Soviet evil empire; now we need to stamp it out in our backyard once and for all. And when American citizens (and our most privileged at that) travel to these dictatorships to denounce our country on enemy soil and praise the communist 'revolution', then they must be dealt with in the most grave manner available. Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and the rest of their group should be promptly tried and shot for treason. And the UN should apologize for the anti-American sermonizing that they have allowed to occur during this 'goodwill mission' to Venezuela.

It's time to get tough with these people. If they wish to avoid a firing squad, why not just take up permanant residence in the revolutionary utopia they so adore?


Blogger Christopher said...

Your original post is old but still right on the money considering the latest round of stupidity coming out of Venezuela. How long do we stand idle while Hugo escalates military tensions in the region and a huge arms race?

8:22 AM  

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