Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And so it begins (or ends, depending on how you look at it)...

The inevitable chilling effect on free speech wrought by the savage Muslim rioting has already claimed it's first victim outside of the 'cartoon scandal'.

Czech artist David Cerny has made a sculpure of a captive Saddam Hussein submerged in a tank of water. Why, you ask? According to Cerny, it is intended as a "Criticism of American foregin policy".

This work was originally supposed to be installed at a museum in the Belgian costal town of Middelkerke, but was promptly banned by the mayor before it even arrived. Fearing "that certain population groups would find the work too provocative" the mayor told the Belgian newspaper De Standard: "You never know what could happen when you display such explosive stuff".

Well, actually, we pretty much do know what happens when you display something that could possibly offend the delicate sensabilites of the Muslim population. They go nuts and riot, blow up embassies, recall their diplomats, demand apologies, and generally make international specticles of themselves.

So better to ban a piece of artwork and stifle the free speech rights of a western artist than risk more violence on the part of insane fascists that want to kill us all anyway. The ultimate irony of course is that this particular artist was directing his criticism towards the USA and the occupation and not Saddam or Islam at all.

Man, that slope sure is slippery...


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*Spectacles opposed to "specticles", dear... :)

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