Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moderation on Parade

Great photo montage via The Jawa Report of moderate Muslims taking to the streets in support of free speech and tolerance. Check it out!

In the interest of fairness, here are some actual Muslim moderates. This is a group that really deserves all the support we can give them. Unfortunately, considering the wretched state of affairs that the rest of the Islamic world currently finds itself in, I doubt that the group will have much of an impact unless they get much bigger and louder. Nonetheless, I'm happy to see this group putting themselves out there at all.

UPDATE: More moderate muslims in London, via Michelle Malkin.


Blogger Renegade Paladin said...

Hi, Tom. I'm from Protest Warrior and need to contact you concerning an op that I want to propose to the New York chapter. I tried to locate your profile on PW HQ and e-mail you from there, but it didn't come to hand, and this turns out to be the first way I found to contact you. (If you somehow manage to not be the Tom Paladino of the New York Protest Warrior chapter, please disregard.) I can be contacted through my own blog or the HQ site; my profile at the latter is Rogue_9, listed in the Western Kentucky chapter. I won't give details on what I have in mind on a public blog; the last thing needed is the subject being tipped off.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Rock said...

Hi, Tom. Just came upon your blog and am happy to see fellow conservative with an intelligent blog. I'll be linking to you and hope you do the same with me.

I'd also like to invite you to take part in Rock's Political Blog Ring. You'll see the icon on my site.

Have a good night.

Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone

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Blogger USpace said...

Good one, good site, thanks, you're linked!

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